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Our victories

At Carranza LLP, we understand how difficult recovering from a serious injury can be and the overwhelming impact it can have on your life, your family and your financial situation.

Our dedicated and compassionate personal injury lawyers work tirelessly to ensure you and your family are able to focus on your recovery while we work to get you the services and compensation you deserve.

Because of our unique understanding of culture and recovery, we have been able to make a big difference in the lives of our clients by securing much needed and deserved benefits, including financial assistance, rehabilitative services and just settlements to help make their journey to recovery a little easier.

Disclaimer: Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results.  Amounts recovered and other litigation outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases

Oct 21, 2014

Kelley Campbell wins client right to housekeeping benefits after two-year period had lapsed

As a result of injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident Ms. A. required housekeeping assistance. The insurer denied Ms. A's claim, arguing th...

Featuring Kelley P. Campbell

Oct 16, 2012

M.B. v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company

M.B. was injured in a car accident in January 2008. He suffered head and other injuries and was taken to hospital by ambulance.  After the accident he complained of headache, neck, leg and lower back pain.
He claimed his insurer was unreasonably withholding Income Replacement benefits and was asking for interim benefits to be paid to him pending the resolution of the dispute due to his severely deteriorating financial situation and his families need for support.

Featuring Kelley P. Campbell

Oct 16, 2012

M.M. v. Guarantee Company of North America

M.M. was hit by a car at the age of five and suffered multiple injuries.  A Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS), a commonly used scoring system that describes the level of consciousness in a person following a traumatic brain injury, was taken by paramedic’s minutes after the accident and she received a score of 9 indicating a moderate injury.  Her Insurer argued there was no evidence of brain injury and the low initial GCS score of 9 was caused by a hemodynamic instability (cardiovascular impairment caused by abnormal or unstable blood pressure).

Featuring Juan F. Carranza

May 13, 2011

Zia v. Yasir

T was involved in a very serious accident as a back seat passenger.  His injuries are "catastrophic" and included serious orthopaedic injuries as well as a traumatic brain injury.  T attended two medical examinations at the request of the Defendant, however one month before the pre-trial, the Defendant requested that T attend two more defence medicals.

Featuring Anu Bakshi

Apr 11, 2011

Dhanraj Jaggernauth v. Economical Mutual Insurance Company

Overview After being struck by a car in August 2006, Mr. Jaggernauth sustained multiple serious injuries, including fractures of his cervical spine...

Featuring Kelley P. Campbell

Jun 12, 2010

S.D. v. Dattu

S.D. was terminated from her job after being in a car accident.  She came to Carranza without any work and any entitlement to disability benefits. Anu negotiated fair compensation for the loss of her job, monies for medical benefits and reinstatement of long-term disability benefits.

Featuring Anu Bakshi

Jun 18, 2009

G.P. and Wawanesa Insurance Company– [2009] O.F.S.C

G.P. was injured on his way home from work.  He was unable to return to his physically demanding job, and due to his lack of English and marketable skills, he was unable to find a job of comparable pay.  He was denied accident benefits including income replacement benefits and medical and rehabilitation benefits.

Oct 18, 2007

Maya Land rights and Maya Leaders Alliance & Toledo Alcalde Association v. AG Belize

For over a decade, the indigenous Maya peoples of southern Belize have been seeking legal recognition of their customary land rights. Moira Gracey coordinated the legal team representing Maya villages before the Belizean courts.

Featuring Moira Gracey

Nov 23, 2006

AJ v. Mann

A newcomer to Canada, AJ was on her way to her first day of work when she was struck by a car. She had a previous history of complicated back surgeries in her home country many years ago. The Insurer refused to pay compensation for her loss of earnings because it was their view that the victim did not have any Canadian work experience and her injuries were related to her back problems before the accident.

Featuring Anu Bakshi

Oct 13, 2006

Jasvinder Atwal v. Stephen Erb and Carl Noble Barn Painting Ltd

Ms. Atwal was injured in a car accident, and sued in Superior Court the driver of the car and the company that owned the car. A year and a half after issuing the lawsuit, it was discovered that the defendant driver of the car was working at the time of the accident.

Featuring Moira Gracey

Oct 4, 2005

Ajmer Nirwan v. Kingsway General Insurance Company

A.N. was injured in a car accident and through his insurer received statutory accident benefits and income replacement benefits.  His income replacement benefits were terminated by his insurer and they tried to force him to be assessed by one of their doctors shortly before an arbitration hearing about his entitlement to Income Replacement Benefits.

Featuring Anu Bakshi

Aug 30, 2005

Antoinette Valle v. Aviva Canada Inc.

AV was injured in two separate car accidents over the course of a year.  The adjuster for the insurance company had suspended her benefits and refused to reinstate them unless the she attended medical examinations. The arbitrator found that by requiring such a commitment, the insurer abandoned the proper process contemplated by the law.

Featuring Moira Gracey

Dec 31, 2004

Savithiri Sivananthan v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company (Reasons for Decision)

S.S. was injured as a passenger in a van. She suffered from back pain, anxiety, depression and claustrophobia preventing her from using public transit and going to job interviews. She also suffers from poor concentration and memory issues since the accident.  Her insurer argued that she was capable of sitting, typing, talking on the phone, filing, and other physical aspects of an office job and therefore not entitled to further benefits.

Featuring Moira Gracey

May 22, 2003

Cleo Clark v. Harry Carroll and R.M. Leadership skills Inc.

Ms. Clark came to us when the two-year limitation period for filing a lawsuit for her accident had already expired. Usually, this would result in a complete loss of her right to recover compensation from the person at fault for the accident. Kelley Campbell successfully convinced the judge that an exception to the rule applied to this case.

Featuring Kelley P. Campbell

Apr 3, 2003

Dalinda Borja v. TTC Insurance Company

Ms. Borja was injured getting off a TTC bus. The TTC tried to prevent her from proceeding to arbitration because she did not attend a number of medical assessments that they had arranged.

Featuring Kelley P. Campbell

Dec 31, 1999

Minor receives payment of loss of income

After an accident, a mother was rendered quadriplegic and her son suffered serious brain injuries. Lawyer obtained accident benefits for the mother including the purchase and building of a new wheelchair accessible home and a significant settlement for income loss to a minor for her son.

Dec 31, 1999

R.A v. The Personal Insurance Company

R.A.’s mother became a quadriplegic as a result of car accident. Her lawyer secured funding for an accessible home and compensation, and was also able to obtain a loss of earning capacity settlement for R.A.

Dec 31, 1999

Beete v. Banipal

This ruling will encourage insurance companies to obtain the information they need early on in the process, thus improving the chances generally of earlier settlements for injured people.

Featuring Kelley P. Campbell

Dec 31, 1999

Challenging a Settled Claim

The client came to our firm to seek fair compensation after former lawyer settled his accident benefit claims for a very small amount of money, less than half of one year’s income loss. We were able to re-open the claims that were settled and successfully sued the no-fault insurer as well as the former lawyer.

Dec 31, 1999

Boy receives large settlement after running out from in front of ice cream truck

The boy ran from in front of an ice cream truck towards his house and was hit by a driver going the speed limit.  Initially the police labelled the accident “unavoidable due to the actions of the child”.  His lawyer argued that the truck and the car were equally negligent. He was awarded over three million dollars in damages.

Featuring Moira Gracey and Juan F. Carranza


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