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Our Client J.M. said:

“I express my heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Eva, to Ms. Stefanie Navascues and to Sir Juan Carranza and all staff of Carranza LLP for your untiring help in handling my case. For me, being involved in a motor vehicle accident is still a blessing for me because it changed my whole life and the settlement that you and Ms. Stefanie helped me get is a BIG BIG RELIEF for me financially, especially in sponsoring my two sons from back home in the Philippines. It made it possible for me to have something to spend with my family today and in the future, and again.... ONLY BECAUSE OF YOUR FIRM, CARRANZA LLP.   Without your help, my life here in Canada would be in vain, that's why I reiterate,  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!”

Our Client A.P. said:

"Dearest Moira,

No words can express our gratitude to you for your support with helping us out with my father's settlement case. It is overwhelming to see justice done and the timing is wonderful. Thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts."

Our Client C.V. said:

"Dear Moira,

Thank you so much for all your hard work and patience over these years in fighting this case for us. Thank you for believing in us and for being our voice and helping us in our time of need. We will forever be grateful to you for all that you have done in helping us get this settlement."

Our Client A.B.R. said:

"Dear Anu and Susan,

I want to thank you with my whole heart for all your work, for staying by my side during this difficult time in my life and never giving up on my case.

May God bless you & your families."

Our client J.M. said:

"The compassion, dedication, decency, and comfort provided is unlike anything I've ever been witness to. Throughout the most devastating time in my life, I just knew that everything would be ok once I was connected to this firm. Even years after the dust has settled, they continue to offer support as though they were family. There are not enough positive words in our vocabulary to describe this team and I consider myself very blessed to have crossed their path. Thank you for doing all that you do! :)"

Moira Gracey's client said:

"I would not have been able to obtain such favorable results without Moira, her experience, intelligence and expertise. How she handled my case was remarkable. Thank you for being you, Moira." A.C.

L.R. had the perfect life until a car accident flipped it upside down.

"My name is L.R. and my car accident was on November 12th, 2007. It has been 5 years and it still feels like yesterday.  My life 5 years ago was so different than what it is now, but it is 85% better thanks to Anu Bakshi.  

I don't even know how to say thank you to my lawyer Anu Bakshi.  Even when I did not talk very much, she knew exactly what I needed and wanted.  She understood me when I didn't even understand myself.  She got one of the best surgeons in Canada for me and he did an amazing job.  I thank her for getting all these amazing people to work with me.  I am not 100%, but at least I am getting better and better every day.  I also wanted to give a special thank you to her assistant.  Every time I called needing something, she was there for me.

There are no words to describe my accident at such young age.  My life was perfect.  I was married, working and planning to go back to school. On the morning of my car accident my life changed forever. For one year I was completely lost.  Everything changed physically and mentally.  I didn't know what to do or where to turn for help.

I had many scars on my face and I lost my right eye. I wasn’t leaving the house and didn't want to see anyone.  I lost my job, my friends and my social life. I felt like I was caged at home and my tears would put me to sleep every night. Most of the time, I didn't even want my husband to be there. Then I heard about Carranza.

I got their number from a friend and to tell you the truth, at first I was scared.  Should I call them? Do I need them? So many things were going through my head, but then I decided to call. I met with Anu very quickly and she explained everything clearly to me, including how the insurance claim process works.

After a month she got me connected to a top surgeon. I also got the physiotherapy that I needed. I didn't have to do anything but just show up for my appointments.  Anu and her assistant did everything for me. I never knew my life would change this much, as I was sure I would never go out again, but Anu made it happen.

What I love about Anu is that, yes this is her job, but she doesn't do it as a job.  She tries to be your friend too and makes you feel comfortable when you’re with her.  She helps you to understand everything. She told me nothing is easy, but promised it will be in time. One more time, thank you Anu! I will never forget you.  You made a difference in my life."


R.B. was out shopping at the end of a long week of work at a pharmaceutical company, when she was struck by a driver making an unsafe left turn

"I am a forty year old mother of two boys. Six years ago I got into a car accident that changed my life.  I have come to agree that it takes a mishap to find some of the most beautiful people - angels - that God surrounds us with.

Carranza Barristers & Solicitors were lifesavers for me during my motor vehicle accident ordeal, which kept me sick for over five years. It is one thing to have a lawyer who handles your case professionally, and it is a completely different thing when every member of the law firm is 100% committed to making your situation comfortable.

When I had this accident, the trauma and shock completely numbed me. Juan Carranza and this staff seemed to know my personality and handled me accordingly. When the insurance companies gave me the run-around, Juan Carranza was a solid rock to lean on. He listened to me patiently and always came up with the best solutions for whatever issues were at hand.

From the receptionist to the secretary, every member of their staff who handled my case exhibited top notch professionalism. I feel like they placed all of my burdens on their shoulders, as before that I was feeling hopeless. I can never forget how they took care of my problems when I was so sick emotionally and physically. I had nervous breakdown several times and they were solid support for me. One time, I fell down from the steps in my house as a result of the medications I was taking, but the Carranza team kept my spirit up and gave me hope.

My accident cost me my job and my self esteem because of the way the insurance companies demeaned me and suggested by their treatment that I was deliberately trying to abuse the system. This was the major cause of my emotional breakdown. That was when Juan Carranza and his firm came to my rescue.   When my faith wavered as a result of the Insurance insinuations, they brought my faith and strength back with their down-to-earth counselling style.  They literally took my burden upon themselves. They went beyond the stereotypical lawyer-client relationship.

In my younger years I worked in the court, so I know lawyers and the professional arrogance some of them exhibit; Juan Carranza and his associates performed their duties with a heart of gold. They have a calling to be counsellors and advocates in every sense of those terms.

I would not hesitate to recommend the Carranza law firm to my friends and relatives.  I believe I would be doing such a person my sincerest favour, such was the kind of favour a friend did for me when she recommended this firm to me. They gave me back my sense of worth and pride which the accident and insurance companies took away. I owe them my life and sanity. I thank God for them. I can never forget their loyalty and kindness during the bad time in my life. They are angels on this earth for people like me. I cannot find words to say thanks to all the people working with Carranza law firm."

- R.B.

I.P was a visually impaired single mother of three with a chronic illness who was hit by a careless driver while crossing a street one summer morning on her way to work.

"In 2004 I was seriously injured in an automobile accident, while crossing the street. As a result of the accident, I was not able to perform my daily activities including not being able to go to work.  I was referred to Carranza Barristers & Solicitors, who took my case.  They saw to it that I got all the necessary and available assistance I needed to get the proper care and treatment to help me feel better.  They also saw to it that I was adequately compensated for job loss, scars, pain and suffering and inconveniences. I recommend Carranza Barristers & Solicitors to get you the best settlement."

- I.P.

M.P. was a political refugee from Central America, who worked long hours as a cleaner to support his family.  One Friday afternoon as he was driving to work, a car leaving the beer store smashed into his.

"Being able to communicate in my own language is very important because often I find myself with difficulty communicating because I don’t know English very well and at Carranza they have many people who speak many languages and that makes a difference."

- M.P.


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