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Zia v. Yasir

Anu Bakshi protects her client: Court rules no further defence medicals.

A 19 year old boy named "T" was involved in a very serious accident as a back seat passenger on December 11, 2004.  His injuries are "catastrophic" and include serious orthopaedic injuries as well as a traumatic brain injury.

The action was commenced on May 16, 2006. T attended two medical examinations at the request of the Defendant.  However, one month before the pre-trial, the Defendant requested that T attend two more defence medicals.

Anu refused, arguing that it was unnecessary and it was too late.  She was also concerned how attending further medical exams would affect this young man's self esteem.  He had been through enough. The Defendant brought an urgent motion within weeks to request that the Court order T to attend the defence medicals.

The Court ordered that T did not have to attend any further defence medicals.  The Court also ordered that the Defendant pay T over $5,000.00 in legal costs for bringing an unnecessary motion on such short notice.

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