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About Carranza LLP

Juan Carranza started Carranza LLP in 1994 following a personal experience where he felt that an insurance company's representatives took advantage of an immigrant family because English wasn't their mother tongue. He and his partners have built Carranza LLP based on social justice for all, and to be a voice for those who might not normally have one in the personal injury and litigation system.

Serving Ontario’s diverse communities has given us firsthand experience and insight into how perceptions, prejudices and translation errors can seriously influence your treatment or the documentation prepared by insurance doctors, police, employers and insurance companies. The perceptions of insurance adjusters, arbitrators, judges and juries have the power to influence your settlement. They will often be unfamiliar with your background and culture, and can make assumptions that negatively affect your compensation.

As a firm, we at Carranza stand behind the idea that it is no longer enough for a lawyer to understand the law and the legal system; in order to provide proper and quality representation, we must also understand your unique circumstances, your language and your culture.

We set our standards high for providing experienced legal representation in 17 languages and ensuring that the legal team assigned to your case is a good cultural match, so that no communicative boundaries exist and no key details are overlooked. In addition to speaking multiple languages, many of our staff are first and second generation Canadians, so we are better fit to understand the immigrant experience and effectively guide you through the turmoil that follows serious car accidents.

We would be honoured to utilize our mosaic of experience and our record of victories to help you achieve the best possible settlement. 




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