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The little things we do

At Carranza we believe the little things make a big difference.

We will:

  • Meet with you at your convenience; if you have mobility issues, we will come to you;
  • Assist your social worker or discharge planner to put the right services and devices in place prior to your discharge from the hospital;
  • Fill-out and file claims on your behalf;
  • Appoint a culturally competent personal injury lawyer and/or staff member who understands your case and can answer any questions in your language;
  • Provide you with honest and clear advice at every step of your personal injury claim;
  • Help cover costs of assistive devices, treatments, transportation and sitters at the hospital before your benefits are approved;
  • Personally attend important rehabilitation meetings to ensure you and your treatment providers have the resources that you need;
  • Provide you with regular updates on your case so you know where you stand at every point of the process;
  • Return your calls or e-mails within 24 hours.


1280 Finch Ave. West, Suite 200
Toronto, Ontario
M3J 3K6, Canada


Toll Free:1-877-633-1065
Phone: 416-633-1065
Fax: 416-633-9782