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Aug 25, 2019

Good-bye and thank you to our Law In Action Within Schools (LAWS) student, Haydee!

We were pleased to have Haydee with us this summer as part of the Law In Action Within Schools (LAWS) program. LAWS is a collaborative education program designed to support, guide and motivate high school students who face barriers to success by exposing them to law and justice through workshops, mentorship and employment programs.

Haydee is the youngest of 5 siblings and it seems to be a bit of a tradition in Haydee’s Salvadorian family to complete the employment portion of the LAWS program at Carranza, as her brother David was also with us 6 years ago.

Haydee is a dedicated and hard-working student who is going into Grade 11 this coming September at C.W. Jefferys. While her best subject at school is science, she has a keen interest in law, criminology and forensics, and is thinking about pursuing a post-secondary education in one of those fields at Ryerson University.

Haydee is strongly drawn to crime books and naturally excels at figuring out mysteries, puzzles and riddles. Aside from reading, she enjoys the laughs she gets from That ‘70s Show, in which Fez is her favourite character, and also likes playing soccer with her family. At school, she is a on the school soccer team and also takes part in an afternoon program for Math and English through The Foundation for Student Achievement Canada.

We thank Haydee for all of her assistance this summer and wish her the very best in the upcoming school year!

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