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Common Causes of Road Accidents and How You Can Avoid Them
Dec 16, 2021

Common Causes of Road Accidents and How You Can Avoid Them

Accidents can occur anywhere and at any time of day. Due to a variety of variables such as speeding or congested traffic, the highway is one of the most prevalent sites where motor vehicle accidents occur.

Injuries, financial hardships, and even mental struggles can all result from being involved in a car accident. Is there anything you could have done differently to avoid this? While this may not always be the case, auto collisions can often be avoided.

Common Causes of Road Accidents

There are a variety of reasons why road accidents occur. This is an overview of some of the most common causes.

Driving Under the Influence

Driving under the influence of prohibited drugs or alcohol, commonly referred to as DUI, is one of the most common causes of accidents. These substances inhibit the normal functions of the brain and body, reducing awareness and impeding reflexes.

Driving under the influence of any substances that will alter your consciousness is illegal. If you are going to an event where alcohol will be involved, you should either refrain from drinking, take a cab, or hitch a ride with a friend who will not be drinking.

Distractions While Driving

Avoid getting distracted by the entertainment features of your car

With the advancement of technology and all the features of modern vehicles come a variety of additional distractions. There are numerous reports of accidents happening because drivers are distracted by their stereos or the built-in TVs in their cars.

The best way to avoid accidents is to adjust all of the entertainment preferences before you drive. Set your playlist and preferred volume level beforehand. Additionally, if you have a TV in your car, don’t even bother turning it on.

Mechanical Issues with the Vehicle

Mechanical failures are common problems that can be avoided by constantly being vigilant before you even start the car. Some of these mechanical issues can be prevented by performing regular maintenance.

One of the most common technical flaws that can cause car accidents is brake failure. Multiple suspension systems, for example, lower the danger of equipment failure in modern vehicles. In the event of a circuit failure, the other circuit will take over and allow the vehicle to brake. The anti-lock braking system, which keeps the front car wheels from seizing in an emergency, is another factor that has made cars safer.

A common part that is often overlooked is car lights. Due to reduced visibility, a higher percentage of car accidents occur at night than during the day. If the vehicle's headlamps, brake lights, or tail lights are malfunctioning or dim, it can be challenging for the driver to see the road ahead and for other cars to see them. Examine all lights on a regular basis to ensure that they are in good working order.

Another commonly overlooked aspect of a vehicle is its tires. Like other parts of your vehicle, your tires take on a great deal of force and are exposed to the elements. You may not be able to notice that they’re significantly worn out unless you feel the lessening of traction on the road. Tires that are worn out or under-inflated are a primary cause of car accidents. Uneven tires can be caused by faulty suspensions and improperly aligned suspensions, which can result in an accident.


Even the biggest vehicles have their limits. Exceeding the cargo loading capacity may cause the vehicle to be unstable. Automobiles that are improperly loaded or exceed their weight restriction will see a significant impact on performance. 

All of the following are affected — handling, maneuverability, deceleration, and acceleration. Most importantly, braking ranges are affected significantly. Simply put, an overweight vehicle requires extra stopping distance.

Not Following Traffic Laws

Traffic rules are put in place to keep motorists and pedestrians safe. They are also in place to make sure that everything is in order and to make sure that the traffic on roads and highways flows smoothly.

So if you think that beating that red light will take you to your destination faster, think again. Not only is it illegal to disobey traffic rules, it is also very unsafe. Breaking traffic laws is also a sure way for you to lose any disputes.

What to Do When You Get Into an Accident

Stay calm

Losing your temper is one way to make the situation worse. Try to stay calm and speak to the other driver in a courteous manner. Get their name and contact information as well as the license plates of all of the vehicles involved.

Also, remember to NEVER apologize. Apologizing is a sure way to admit fault in a road altercation.

Obtain Evidence

The best way for you to build a strong case is to obtain as much evidence as you can. Take photos of the scene and take witness statements.

Contact the Police, the Doctor, and Your Lawyer

Contact the police right after the accident happens

The police are the point personnel when it comes to conducting accident interviews. As such, as soon as the accident happens, call the police or ask someone else to. Additionally, even if you don’t feel any pain, seek medical attention immediately just in case. Often, the adrenaline from the incident can mask the pain and make you feel as if there is nothing wrong. However, this may not be the case.

You should also contact a lawyer that specializes in car accident claims. They can explain your legal rights, guide you through your options, and protect your best interest by making sure you get a just settlement.

Contact Trusted Lawyers

Sometimes, accidents happen no matter how hard you try to prevent them. You could be the most defensive driver there is, but there are always motorists who are not as careful and diligent. If you get into an accident on the road, call Carranza LLP. We are your trusted personal injury lawyers serving Hamilton, Mississauga, and nearby areas. Call us at 1-877-633-1065 or send us an email at


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