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Jan 10, 2019

Let's all agree to stop texting in traffic

With distracted driving being the number one cause of motor vehicle accidents in the province of Ontario, it's hard to disagree with this "rant" in which Rick Mercer says, "Let's all agree to stop texting in traffic."

Aside from the obvious perils that come with distracted driving, now that the distracted driving penalties are even greater in Ontario, there is even more reason than ever to put your phone away, or pre-set your navigation screen before you leave and then just leave the phone alone.

Set a good example for others in your car by not texting while you are driving. And if you're the passenger, offer to do the texting for the driver rather than sit and watch them drive distractedly! 

Listen to what Rick says, and join the stop-texting-and-driving club with us!


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