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May 23, 2017

Pedestrians and cyclists need extra vigilance in Toronto

In light of the recent reports about pedestrian and cyclist deaths on the streets of Toronto, we thought it was a good time to repost our old blog post about how to stay safe as a cyclist or pedestrian.

As most Torontonians have heard, More than 1,000 cyclists and pedestrians hit on Toronto streets since June 1. It's even been called a public health epidemic.

The best way to be safe while walking near traffic and across streets is to follow the rules of the road, obey traffic signals and signs and stay visible. Ontario's Ministry of Transportation has some good pedestrian and driver tips on their website.

Also, avoiding high risk areas is a good idea. "The Globe and Mail analyzed more than five years of Toronto Police Service data on pedestrian fatalities to determine where and how people die in the city. Trends quickly emerged: The victims are disproportionately over 65 and hit by a larger vehicle. They are usually walking across an arterial road, often in the suburbs and typically at a spot without a traffic signal or crosswalk."

The CAA has a great website for cyclist and driver safety. Take their quiz to find out how much you know about cycling safety.

And read our post from last year about how to stay safe as a pedestrian or cyclist in Toronto.


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