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Apr 26, 2017

Pedestrian safety: Slip and falls on Toronto streets

Despite the mild winter, we have seen an increase in slip and fall accidents this year. It makes sense — the weather is mild, so it rains, and then the temperature drops so the wet ground freezes, and then it snows and there is ice under the snow. This leads to more people slipping and falling on surfaces that they don’t realize are icy.

If you have suffered serious injuries as a result of a fall or another accident, you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible. You should also:
  • Seek medical attention immediately.
  • Report the accident as soon as possible to the person responsible for the premises.
  • Write down the names and addresses of any witnesses and keep them in a safe place.
  • Take pictures of where the accident occurred, and date them. Improvements to unsafe conditions are often made by the owner after an accident occurs to prevent it from happening again, but no record is kept of the situation at the time of the accident. Contemporaneous photographs can be vitally important.
  • If your accident involved slipping or falling, keep the shoes that you were wearing, and if possible, stop wearing them, so that the condition of the treads at the time of the accident is preserved.


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