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Apr 26, 2017

Driving safely: have you heard of the zipper method?

Have you heard of the zipper method of merging? According to data collected
by two large cities in the U.S., this is the safest and most efficient way of merging when there is a lane closed in a construction zone, for example. It's starting to catch on across Canada, too.

The word ‘zipper’ refers to both lanes of traffic being fully utilized until reaching the defined merge area, at which time the two lanes would take turns going ahead into the open lane, zipper-fashion. This is safer and more efficient because it reduces the differences in speed between the two lanes (e.g. you will sometimes see cases where the majority of drivers will merge into the ‘open’ lane early,.and other drivers will speed ahead to the end of the lane that is closing — often moving too quickly).

Many drivers feel that it is a considerate move to merge early
when you see a lane closed up ahead (and therefore, many feel that
it is rude to speed up and go to the end of the lane and then merge).
However, we hope that with further education about the zipper
method, more people will begin to use it and hopefully increase the
safety and efficiency of our roads!


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