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Feb 25, 2017

Toronto researchers rank the treads of winter boots

How are your winter boots on the ice? Are you tired of slipping and sliding whenever there is a layer of ice on the ground?

Researchers at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute-University Health Network were in the same boat so they decided to test some winter foot wear so you don't have to! They have developed a first-of-its-kind test - the Maximum Achievable Angle (MAA) Testing Method - to develop evidence-based ratings on footwear. The idea is that if the public knew more about how their boots would perform on icy surfaces, it may reduce the risk of slips and falls on ice. 

The researchers from Toronto Rehab used the state-of-the-art, underground WinterLab research facility at Toronto Rehab to test the slip resistance of 98 winter boots and then provided those ratings to the public.

See where your boots rank at Researchers from Toronto Rehab have even been testing footwear prototypes and look forward to working more with manufacturers to keep Canadians safe on the icy sidewalks.


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