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Jul 31, 2013

Staying safe this August long weekend

The August Civic Holiday Long Weekend is just days away.  Not only does it signify the mid-point of summer, it also means another mass exodus out of the city.  Whether you’re going to the cottage, camping or a day trip out of the city, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) are on the lookout for dangerous driving and the focus of this weekend will be to “move over”.

Ontario's Move Over law came into effect 10 years ago.  This law applies to all motorists who are approaching emergency personnel vehicles (police, fire or ambulance) stopped on the roadside with lights flashing in the same direction of travel. Drivers by law are required to slow down and pass with caution, and if the road has multiple lanes, drivers must move over into another lane, if it can be done safely and using proper signals.

The penalty for violating this law is strict with a $400 to $1200 fine and 3 demerit points upon conviction.

OPP officers will also be highly visible on the water and on off-roading trails, keeping an eye out for those who show a disregard for public safety, such as impaired driving, aggressive driving and distracted driving.

Make sure you keep yourself, your passengers and those around you safe.  Follow the rules for safe driving, boating and ATV-ing to ensure everyone has a safe and happy long weekend.


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