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Jun 25, 2013

Ask a Lawyer

Ask a Lawyer is a new feature we have added to our blog.  You have the questions and we have the expert legal advise to get you the answers you need.  

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I have seen one lawyer and he said I did not have a case.  Should I look for a second opinion?

The answer is definitely yes, for two main reasons:

  1. The cost of a second opinion is free, other than your own effort and time to seek out a competent injury lawyer.  It should be noted that even the board-certified specialists who practice injury law provide free initial consultations.  You need a referral from a family doctor to see a medical specialist under the OHIP system. The good thing about the personal injury law field is that you can see as many certified specialists in personal injury for free!  This is an achievement for access to justice for injury victims, I would add.
  2. One lawyer may decline a case, but another may be willing to take up the case for various reasons.  A willing lawyer may see a winning case because of prior experience in dealing with a unique medical or causation issue, or an additional angle to establish liability on potential defendants, while an unwilling lawyer may be less experienced or is simply too busy with his or her caseload.


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