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May 16, 2013

Stay safe this long weekend

Frost on brightly coloured tulips is a confusing sight.  The weather this past weekend may have been more reminiscent of winter, but never the less the May long weekend is almost upon us.  For many Victoria Day weekend is the kick-off to summer and the pilgrimage to cottage country starts.  It also is the kick-off to accident season.

This week and throughout the weekend is Canada Road Safety Week.  The OPP will be on the look-out for the "Big Four" major causes of death and injuries on roadways: impaired driving, aggressive driving, distracted driving and failure to wear or improper use of seat belts.

Reduce your risk:

  • always wear your seat belt
  • be aware of traffic around you by looking ahead, behind, and from side to side and make sure other road users see you and they know what you are doing
  • keep a safe distance from other vehicles
  • check your mirrors and find your blind spots - and don't drive in other driver's blind spots
  • don't make sudden lane changes, use your signals
  • when stopping, check mirrors and begin braking early and stop smoothly
  • don't crowd your driving space with passengers or belongings
  • keep to the right of the road or in the right-hand lane on multi-lane roads unless you want to turn left or pass another vehicle
  • slow down as you come to intersections and look carefully for traffic lights, pedestrians and cyclists
  • obey the speed limit and all signs and signals

Most importantly remain patient and calm.  Although traffic may be heavier and it may take a little longer than normal, you will get there eventually and safely.  

Have a very safe, restful holiday weekend.


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