our main area of focus--you

As a firm, we at Carranza stand behind the idea that it is no longer enough for a lawyer to understand the law and the legal system; in order to provide proper representation, we must also understand your unique circumstances, your language and your culture. We set our standards high for providing experienced legal representation in over 24 languages and ensure that the legal team assigned to your case is a good cultural match, so that no key details are overlooked. In addition to speaking multiple languages, many of our staff are first and second generation Canadians so are better able to not only understand the immigrant experience, but also the turmoil that follows serious car accidents.

Serving Ontario’s diverse communities as Toronto’s largest ethnic personal injury law firm has given us firsthand experience and insight into how perceptions, prejudices and translation errors can seriously influence your treatment or the documentation made by insurance doctors, police, employers and insurance companies.

The perceptions of insurance adjusters, arbitrators, judges and juries influence your settlement. Often they will be unfamiliar with your background and culture, and may make assumptions that negatively affect your compensation.

Your compensation in a personal injury claim is based on several factors including:

  • How your injuries have affected your education, training and work potential
  • Your family and financial situation
  • Social and recreational activities
  • The impact the accident has had on your life

Through our understanding of your culture and the misperceptions that often occur we are better able to communicate the extent of the disruption to your life.

For example, when seeking employment in Canada, new residents are sometimes forced to take temporary, low-paying jobs for which they are overqualified. Insurance companies conveniently assume that this shows their true earning potential.

We, however, have the experience required to develop a more accurate trajectory of your future earning capacity.