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Aliza Karoly representing families in coroner's inquest into fire

Apr 08, 2016

Aliza Karoly is representing the families of the three victims of a tragic house fire in Whitby in 2012 at a coroner's inquest. 

The coroner's inquest began last week and will examine how the fire started and whether the response by the fire department was delayed in any way. 

CBC Toronto television news coverage on March 29, 2016 includes a recap of the story (starting at about minute 9:45), and also a brief interview with Aliza at minute 10:55.

Other news coverage has included this CBC Toronto story, this National Post story that mentions Aliza, and this additional National Post story.

The inquest has now concluded and we have a new blog post outlining the 33 jury recommendations that came out of this inquest.